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Introducing Canada's First Target-Date ETFs

Evermore Retirement ETFs

🍁 Built for RRSPs and TFSAs 🍁


Built for retirement investing. 

Want to learn more about target date funds?

The Evermore Retirement ETFs are the first target date ETFs in Canada.

Watch this video featuring Evermore Chief Investment Officer, Brian See, CFA.  Brian will walk you through the basics and explain how target date funds are built to make investing for retirement much easier.

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RRSP vs TFSA: What's best for your retirement?

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Our Investment Philosophy

The Three Key Principles of Successful Investing

Diversification 1


Index based investing provides immediate diversification to your portfolio.  Our Retirement ETFs are both index based and diversified across asset classes.

Low Fee 1

Low Fee

Index based investing means lower fees, in other words, more money working for you.  At only 0.35%, our Retirement Series ETFs have some of the most investor friendly fees in Canada.

Goal Based 1

Goal Based

What should you invest in?  It all depends on what the money is for.  Retirement is a future goal that stretches out over a period of time.  The Evermore Retirement Series ETFs are designed to work for you now, and throughout your retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

How do I invest?

Evermore Retirement ETFs are available across Canada through all direct investing accounts at the major banks across Canada, independent discount brokerages, and also available through IIROC licensed financial advisors. 

What are the fees?

The management fees for the Evermore Retirement ETFs are 0.35%. The other investment costs in the fund are the fees of the underlying ETFs, administrative costs and HST. We expect the total costs, inclusive of the underlying funds, for Evermore Retirement ETFs to be approximately 0.45%. 

What are ETFs?

ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. An ETF is a mutual fund that is bought and sold by investors through an exchange. Evermore Retirement ETFs are listed on the NEO Exchange. 

Which Retirement ETF is right for me?

Evermore Retirement ETFs are built to make investing for retirement as easy as possible and your time horizon is one of the most important elements in sensible, goal based investing. Evermore Retirement ETFs are designed to align closest to the year you expect to retire. For example, if you expect to retire around the year 2040, the Evermore Retirement 2040 ETF has been optimized for that time horizon.  To see the available Retirement ETFs click here.


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